Gut Health Reset
How to Heal Your Gut

Want to get to the root of your health issues? 

Do any of these sound familiar?  

 Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis Migraines, Chronic Headaches, or Brain Fog Food Intolerances, Sensitivities, Constant Cravings Difficulty losing weight, low energy, and chronic fatigue Constant bloating, constipation, gas, and “irritable” bowel symptoms Chronic conditions like asthma, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis  

If so, your body may be telling you to hit the reset button on your gut health

Introducing Gut Health Reset

A comprehensive program where I personally guide you step-by-step through your gut-healing journey... now with daily support and guidance, delivered right to your inbox! 

With Gut Health Reset, you'll learn:

  • How to heal your gut based on your unique needs
  • How to determine the right foods to be eating for your body
  • Which foods restore gut health and which damage it (and how to actually implement this into your life!)
  • The types of fermented foods to avoid and the ones you should be eating (plus how often you need them to see results)
  • How to make sure your probiotics and other gut health supplements are effective and high quality
  • How to best take prebiotics and probiotics (and what the difference really is)
  • The little known (yet powerful!) healthy habits that will speed up your gut-healing process
  • The best natural remedies for gut health and digestive issues (and whether they’re right for you)  

It's Time to Get Crystal Clear About How to Heal Your Gut

No more wondering...

Which foods should I eat & avoid to heal my gut?

Are probiotics right for me?

Do I need probiotics or prebiotics?

Which foods are right for my body?

What about fermented foods?

How can I speed up my gut-healing process?

How It Works

First, you’ll complete a detailed Gut Health Assessment. Based on your assessment, we will develop a step-by-step gut healing protocol tailored to you. We’ll meet for a 30 minute session to review your personalized protocol. Then, we'll start your 28-day course where I walk you through the Gut Health Reset program. We'll have a follow-up session to review your progress and set you up on a maintenance plan.

What You’ll Receive 

  • A detailed Gut Health Assessment (this enables me to create your personalized protocol)
  • 2 personal coaching sessions with me (video or audio, video is recommended because I want to see your beautiful face!)
  • Your personalized gut healing protocol, targeting your primary areas of concern
  • 28 lessons that walk you step-by-step through your gut healing journey, delivered right to your inbox 
  • Daily guidance, with worksheets to track your progress
  • 52 Gut-Healing Recipes to enjoy during and after your protocol
  • A 7-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan + Shopping List
  • The accountability needed to make lasting change  

Results that other Gut Health clients have achieved

Stubborn, lifelong skin conditions? Cleared. "Irritable Bowel" Symptoms? Gone. Chronic Migraines and Headaches? Gone. Recurring yeast infections? Gone. Extra weight? Gone. Asthma flare-ups? Gone. Low energy and chronic fatigue? Eliminated.


"I am so thankful that I chose to participate in the Gut Health Discovery program! After a lifetime of skin issues and an adulthood of struggling to heal them, I found significant relief in less than two weeks! Hannah is so knowledgeable and her encouragement to make tweaks in my diet has been extremely helpful! I'm excited to see more positive changes to my health as I implement more of what I learned."

- Kellie B.

"Working with Hannah has been such a huge life-changing experience for me. I could never figure out what was wrong with me (health wise), and normal doctors always threw steroids or antibiotics at me. After years of frustration and questioning and seeking answers, Hannah knew exactly how to help my situation. She's extremely knowledgeable and is very prompt in communication. In only 1 short month of working with her, my gut health is improving, my energy is through the roof, my body feels amazing, and I lost 12 lbs! I didn't know how important gut health was until experiencing the difference first hand. Working with Hannah has been a dream, and I think of her as an angel! She's such a blessing and a sweet person!" 

- Cara K.

 "Healing your gut is the single most important step you can take for your health." Hannah

The entire Gut Health Reset program is yours for only $247

(2-part payment plan available upon request)

Payment is made via PayPal (where you can also pay with a debit or credit card) and is nonrefundable. When you purchase, I will send you an email with your Gut Health Assessment and a link to schedule your first session!

Have a question? Send me an email and I will reply ASAP.

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